Girişim Marketing Company, established in 1978, is totally owned by the Eczacıbaşı Group and operates under Consumer Products Division. The company employs 230 people of which 140 are sales force.

Girişim Marketing ranks among Turkey’s top FMCG sales and distribution companies in terms of the size, sophistication of operation and breadth of its product range. Managing 39 brands and just over 1600 product variants, Girişim is the market leader in 10 of its 20 product categories.

Girişim reaches a wide range of trade channels simultaneously through its channel-based sales organization. Regional structuring allows it to control all channels in a specific region, while specializing on a sales team basis.

Distributing through a multi-layer extensive network
Girişim’s extensive retail distribution network operates from six regional offices and cooperates with 40 exclusive distributors and 165 large wholesalers. Girişim is strengthening its distribution capability through wholesalers by contributing to the establishment of sales teams at wholesalers that focus exclusively on Girişim products. Girişim plans to extend this strategy gradually to most of its wholesalers.

The combined reach of this multi-layered network is 80 to 95 percent of the 200,000 outlets in Turkey carrying Girişim’s product categories. Girişim’s direct coverage through its own sales force is 4,500 outlets; including the sales teams at exclusive distributors and wholesalers, it is 62,000 outlets. Girişim serves chain stores and major local markets directly, with a 150-strong merchandising team at these outlets providing direct service to customers.
Target clientele for Girişim’s product categories include:

       • traditional food and grocery outlets
       • modern retail outlets, supermarkets and hypermarkets
       • perfumeries
       • pharmacies
       • hairdressers and beauty salons
       • hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals and other institutions comprising the away-from-home           market.

Girişim has separate sales teams at its headquarters for each outlet category. It is the only marketing and distribution company covering all of these categories in each of Turkey’s 81 provinces.

Adapting to market trends

Turkey’s distribution structure is changing rapidly. Consumers have been redirecting their purchases from small grocers and traditional outlets to supermarkets, where private label brands represent a growing share of sales. Girişim has structured itself accordingly, establishing, for example, a separate team for supermarket chains. However, Turkey’s geographical conditions and infrastructure mean that traditional channels will continue to be an important part of the retailing system for decades to come. These are the channels where Girişim excels, thanks to its strong distributor network and dynamic marketing and sales teams.

e-commerce site for professionals 

In response to online sales trends, Girişim has taken the lead in Internet-based corporate shopping, giving it a significant advantage over competition. Since 2000, it has operated an e-commerce site for restaurants, hotels, offices and other corporate customers. Girişim utilizes this site, the first of its kind in the distribution sector, to market an extensive line of commercial-use cleaning products under its own brand, Maratem, as well as a wide range of tissue products manufactured by İpek Kağıt, the Division’s tissue paper company.

Integrated communication infrastructure

Girişim’s informations management infrastructure is based on integrated corporate communication technology, SAP/R3. Currently,  Girişim monitors on a daily basis about 95 percent of sales through distributors as well as distributor inventories. It also permits Girişim to process all orders within 24 hours and deliver these to customers throughout Turkey within two days. Additionally, Girişim has a common data warehouse (SAP BW) that provides a practical reporting and analysis system and single-point access to management information.

Currently, Girişim serves four Eczacıbaşı Group companies, its own brand and five independent global brands, including:

       • İpek Kağıt (tissue paper products)
       • Eczacıbaşı-Beiersdorf  (skin care, personal care, baby care, cosmetics)
       • Eczacıbaşı-Schwarzkopf  (professional hairdresser products)
       • Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (insecticides, condoms, hair jells, eau de cologne)
       • Eczacıbaşı Girişim Pazarlama (professional-use cleaning  products)
       • 3M (home care products)
       • Bayer (rodenticides)
       • Tana Professional (professional-use cleaning  products )
       • Dreumex (professional hand care and cleaning)
       • Jordan (toothbrushes)